Right School

Right School

Which is the right school for my child……?

All parents want to find right school which a tall order to meet. With so many schools around, you find yourself at crossroads. Then the questions arises, where and how to go from here.

An easy choice would be to go in for an established school which enables its pupils to look beyond the boundaries and also let its pupil’s personalities to become as unique as their Thumbprints. For better future prospects of your child we assure you that Kumkum can prove to be the right choice.

Here are the solutions to some of the queries arising in your mind which would enable you to finalize your choice of Kumkum.

[1] Can you tell us something about Kumkum?

KumkumEnglish medium school is yet another jewel in the crown of Kumkum Campus.


A school with affluent legacy in the field of education since 1990. It is a coeducational school run by Shri H.M. Thakkar Education and charitable trust. The school is managed by experts in the field of education in tune with the fast changing world scenario. The infrastructural facilities provided would enable every student to react actively to the rhythm of the ever changing society. The school aims to cater all that a growing child needs for his glorious future.

[2] What are the special features of your school?

At kumkum we have a special feel good atmosphere for students where they come happily. We have maintained our standard of excellence and have a balance in every part of learning through a thematic system.

  • An application-based innovative education reduces the stress of your child’s learning process.
  • Flexible innovative curricula give your child the best of both the worlds:
  • International exposure with Indian ethos.
  • A talented team of teachers facilities effective learning for your child.
  • Student-centered methodology empowers your child to blossom as a personality.
  • State of the art facilities and infrastructure create an ideal environment for learning, growing and excelling.

[3] Do you converse in English with kids?

At Kumkum in the beginning we make the child comfortable by using mothertongue for explaining and teaching.

Since kids can learn many languages, they must be exposed to it as much as possible. Hence along with English children avail multilingual education.

[4] What method do you follow to teach the children?

At Kumkum we have an activity based learning program and a student centered methodology as per the child’s age not only to clarify concepts of but also to make each student confident, self inspired and lifelong learner.

[5] Which books are included?

At Kumkum we have NCERT based text books for various subjects for a well - graded, step by step proceeding, in order to cover a comprehensive structured syllabus. These books cover a variety of guided, easy – to – do tasks for developing the reading and writing skills of the learners.

[6] What about infrastructural facilities?

At Kumkum we have the requisite infrastructure which is ideal to fulfill the aims of the school. Healthy atmosphere, spacious campus, audio and visual room, well equipped library and laboratory, proper sanitation facilities, play area etc.

[7] Can you tell us something about your teaching staff?

At Kumkum we have a team of qualified, experienced, dedicated and committed teaching faculties who follow teaching values with an absorbing approach to make learning a pleasurable experience for the child. They constantly upgrade their professional skills, through a multitude of training programmes and workshops conducted by experts.

[8] How can we know about our child’s progress?

At Kumkum we believe that education is not a one man show but a joint venture of school, teachers and parents. We respect the role of parents in the education of their children and have PTMs at regular intervals. This helps to solve queries on both sides, avoid loopholes and improve the result of the child.

[9]Will our child be given personal attention?

At Kumkum we have dedicated, experienced and committed teaching staff with the best teaching credentials and ability to take good care of students, with a low student teacher ratio. We encourage fearless and holistic learning. We ensure personality and ethical development by imbibing self esteem, patriotism and strong secular ethos in every child.

[10] What about co curricular activities?

At Kumkum we attach equal importance to curricular and co curricular activities which are interwoven while planning the program. Debates, elocution, extempore quizzes, dance, music , art & craft etc. are organized to bring out the creativity of the child and as a mode of self expression.

[11] Does our child get exposure to outside world?

At Kumkum we have been including in Global School Partnership Programs, which involved sending students abroad across the globe under Student Exchange Programs. In the year 2010-11 two of our students went abroad on AFS Exchanges to the United States.

[12] What about transportation facility?

Transportation facility will be provided on request at the time of admission.

[13] Can you tell us something about your preprimary section?

At KUMKUM PRE SCHOOL We offer the very best environment for Social, Physical, Imaginative, Cognitive and Emotional (SPICE) development of a child. The researched based SPICE Curriculum creates an environment of fun and learning for the children. Parents are encouraged to visit the school ant time to witness the extra care, love and attention imparted.


[14] What is your Admission Procedure?

At Kumum we have a simple yet authentic admission system. A birth certificate as a proof of age and two passport size photographs are to submitted along with the form. Admissions are given depending upon the availability of seats. Presence of both parents is preferable at the time of admission.

Admission procedure

  • A prescribed admission forms has to be filled.
  • Siblings of our students will be given first preference.
  • All the details filled in the form must be authentic.
  • The necessary certificates must be attached along with the form.
  • The required fees have to be paid once the admission is confirmed.

Obviously all your queries are not solved by this brochure, you can personally visit the Kumkum Campus and get detailed information about the school. We are confident that your search for the right school will end at KUMKUM.


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