Our Educational Values

Student Learning

  • We believe each student is a valued individual and can learn best when actively engaged in the learning process rather than merely being a passive recipient of knowledge.
  • We believe each student can become quite confident, self-inspired, lifelong learner.

Student Achievement

  • We believe that student performance must be measured by standards of excellence that encourage outstanding levels of achievement.
  • We believe all students should be provided with a variety of opportunities to develop and demonstrate life skills, enabling them to be high achievers in all domains.

We Value Holistic Learning that embraces

  • Excellence in Teaching and Learning.
  • Honesty, Honour and Integrity.
  • Personality and Ethical Development.
  • A Questioning Mind with a Love for Learning.
  • Care and Compassion.
  • Tolerance and Respect for other Cultures and Traditions.
  • An Active concern for nature and the Environment.
  • Respect for our Heritage with a Progressive, International Outlook.


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