Kumkum Preschool


KUMKUM PRE SCHOOLoffers the very best environment for Social, Physical, Imaginative, Cognitive and Emotional (SPICE) development of a child. The researched based SPICE Curriculum creates an environment of fun and learning for the children. Parents are encouraged to visit the school any time to witness the extra care, love and attention imparted.

  • A very safe and sensitive environment for children to independently explore and learn.
  • Structured activities for better learning.
  • Pretend play, reading stories, group circle time, puppet theater, rhyme time.
  • Art, music and dance, exercise/gym, sand and water.
  • Montessori materials, Scientific experiments.
  • Additional languages – Gujarati and Hindi.
  • Computer-based learning.
  • Interactive audio-visual learning system.
  • Enhance writing skills.
  • Structured outdoor games and free play.
  • Field trips.


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