KumKum School Science Fair Girls
KumKum School girls Prayer Photographs
KumKum School Science Fair Girls
KumKum School girls Prayer Photographs
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Welcome To Kumkum School

KumKum School is a co-ed school run under the aegis of Shri H.M. Thakker Charitable Trust. Established in 1992, the school aims to provide top-notch education to students that are on par with the changing times while keeping them firmly rooted in their culture. It is with this vision and mission that the school has made efforts to make itself not just the top school in Maninagar but endeavor to be among the best schools in Ahmedabad. At Kumkum School, education is not just about accumulating knowledge but also about inculcating life skills thus providing for the wholesome development of the child, making him not just a good student but also a better individual. Our pursuit for knowledge is perennial and our endeavors to make a difference are relentless. We strongly believe that our children are saplings and it is our duty to nurture them to become the trees that usher the community to wisdom and prosperity. But we are not alone in this journey; we have our parents, our students, and our alumni as our fellow travelers. We highly value the bond that we have with them. This bond has helped us create a virtuous cycle of learning which has benefited all of us because as Mahatma Gandhi says “By education, I mean an all-round drawing of the best in child and man in body, mind, and spirit.”

Activity Corner

Janmashtami Day

Annual Day

Rangoli Day

Culinary Day

Dance Activity

Dance Competition

yoga activity

Yoga Day

Why Us


Holistic curriculum designed to inculcate academic curiosity as well as practical life skills.


Highly Qualified and experienced teachers to ensure the best importation of knowledge.


State-of-art infrastructure with multiple labs and sporting facilities for best possible hands on experience.

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      English medium

  • Pre-primary
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Higher secondary(Science & Commerce) 

      Gujarati Medium

  • Pre-primary
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Higher secondary(Science & Commerce)
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The school does not offer meals to students.

The school building is completely safe. It has been constructed keeping in mind the highest benchmarks and is periodically examined and certified by experts.

The school offers a variety of sports activities like cricket, football, badminton, volleyball and athletics.

The school attempts to create an atmosphere that is as inclusive as possible. Our team of highly qualified teachers ensure that all children are paid attention to and are able to learn in accordance with their abilities.

The school has the policy of promoting learning that is not extremely burdensome on the student.

The school operates in two shifts, one in the morning and another one in the afternoon.

The school does not have official transport but has collaboration with multiple providers who cover a major part of the city and its surrounding areas.

The school is working on Saturdays,

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